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 What Larry got me tonight :)


Today I picked up my dry cleaning. I've been dreading this because I knew it would be expensive- I had practically all my work clothes done at once. Plus, I'm lazy. Well, I finally bite the bullet and get my clothes- then do the walk of shame to the car. You know- both hands too full of metal plastic hangers, arms over your head so as not to drag a freshly cleaned dress on the floor- and keys in my pocket. Uh.

Well, I did find some daily joy in it- a guy offered to help me, in a completely sincere and non-creepy way. I turned him down, but it made me smile. The kindness of strangers still exists, and I couldn't even be grumpy about trying to hang the dry cleaning on those otherwise useless handles in the back of my car.


 This photo:


  •  I survived my first day of classes
  • I got to melt zombies in D&D!
  • I arranged to work an extra day a week at WIHD, which means more $$ for meeee. I will not dwell on my loss of Fridays here.


 Whoops, I was lax a few days! Here's to a new start! Also, I love everyone's comments- feel free to add your daily joys- I would like to see them.
  • Believe it or not, I enjoyed packing today. I feel good organizing all my things.
  • I did a work-related project I've been putting off. Dani was right- doing a dreaded task does make you happy.
  • Laura stopped by to hang out even though I had to work. It's nice having friends I can have over when my house is a mess, I'm wearing my lazy Sunday clothes, have zero makeup on, and barely ran a comb through my hair after a shower.




One thought today: I have awesome friends who love me. I love you, too.


  •  Got the inspection scheduled. Yay!
  • Was a super fun time in DDO tonight
  • Gryphon was a very good boy when we took him to Larry's mom's house.


  •  I saw some drawings I did in high school. None are any good, but it was nostalgic, and inspired me to take up art again.
  • Midori in margaritas is yummy!
  • Larry let me sleep on the ride back from my mom's while he drove. It wasn't terrible car sleep either- actually a good, solid nap. I love me some sleep (and of course, I didn't have to suffer the drive back).
  • Larry doesn't have to work tomorrow- he was keeping it a secret- what a nice surprise!


  • Car is cleaned out- woo!
  • Got to see my mom. We all had a really nice dinner :)


  •  We are out of attorney review for our house
  • Larry made a very sweet post about me on LJ, and I don't care how gross we are :)
  • I am happy for Liz :)